Played by:

Dr. Jarvis, in eyeshade, in his fleeting appearance

Dr. Jonas J. Jarvis is a character who figures fairly in the script of The Great McGinty, but whose involvement was all but edited from the final film. Dr. Jarvis is the head of the Civic Purity League who calls for reform in the city government. Described as "a bald-headed saintly looking man who looks like an old faker," Jarvis' catch phrase is "Peace be with you." The good doctor is in fact a heavy better on horse races, and is in league with The Boss.[1]

At the end of the framing sequence, when the identities of the other bar staff and patrons are revealed, Dr. Jarvis is amongst them, as the card dealer wearing a green eyeshade and still calling for "peace."

In the final cut, Dr. Jarvis is mentioned as filing a petition against Mayor Tillinghast. The Boss still speaks to Jarvis on the phone and reveals his role in the machine to McGinty. However, the hypocritical reformer's scene is omitted. However, his reveal at the end is retained, with character actor Richard Carle, fitting the script description to a tee, wearing the eyeshade. The character was also included in the cast list on the official Preston Sturges website.


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