Played by:

Mr. Bildocker in Christmas in July


Bildocker the hunter in Palm Beach Story

Bildocker is the names used for two separate characters, both played by William Demarest, who appeared in Christmas in July and The Palm Beach Story

Christmas in JulyEdit

Bildocker is an argumentative man who heads the shipping department for the Maxford House Coffee company. He is one of twelve jurors selected to choose the winning contest slogan. However, Bildocker refuses to go along with the other eleven, fighting tooth and nail for his own favored slogan, and thus dragging the contest out long past the original deadline.

Dr. Maxford is justifiably aghast at this, and takes Bildocker to task for getting into his hair for the last twenty years. The shipping head takes a stand on principle, though, insisting that on the jury, he's rendering his services "for free to the bunch of suckers" who submitted entries, taking his task as seriously as Henry Fonda would years later in 12 Angry Men. He insists that the slogan preferred by his fellows, "Maxford's, Magnificent and Mellow" is putrid, "because it stinks." At the film's finale, Bildocker finally enters with a verdict, having systematically worn down the others. His favored slogan is none other than Jimmy MacDonald's entry, "If you don't sleep at night, it isn't the coffee, it's the bunk." At this point, Dr. Maxford hurls his telephone at the juror.

The Palm Beach StoryEdit

Bildocker is a prominent member of The Ale and Quail Club, spending most of his time with fellow member Hitchcock. Bildocker argues with the conductor over the number of members, drinks heavily, and grouses when his fellow members decide to sing to their mascot, Gerry. Fed up with "the bunch of co-eds," Bildocker takes out his rifle and says "bang bang," taking aim at imaginary birds. This leads to a contest with Hitchcock, aiming at crackers tossed by the bartender. However, Hitchcock "cheats" by using real shells. Bildocker decides two can play at that game, and soon joined by their fellow sportsmen, the club systematically destroys their private car.